syndetic solutions
Syndetic Solutions

Syndetic Solutions enriches the library catalog with added content such as cover images, book reviews, summaries, first chapters, table of contents, and more!

This new and exciting catalog enhancement is available for all HALAN libraries. Syndetic Solutions provides enrichment data for selected titles when they are displayed in the catalog. Possible data that could display are:

  • Cover images - over 650,000 full-color cover images are available, with 2500 added each week
  • Title profiles - profile information is included for over 70,000 fiction and biographical titles, with thousands more analyzed annually
  • Table of contents - 375,000 tables of contents are included; they cover a wide spectrum of publications from popular self-help books to conference proceedings, plus 1600 added weekly
  • Summaries and annotations - more than 660,000 summaries and annotations, covering fiction and non-fiction, with
    approximately 1,700 summaries added each week
  • Book excerpts - over 7,000 excerpts are currently available from prominently reviewed non-fiction titles, plus hundreds added each month
  • First chapters - more than 18,000 first chapters are available from prominently reviewed new titles, both fiction and non-fiction, with 600 chapters added monthly
  • Book reviews - over 430,000 book reviews are available from Library Journal, School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Choice; coverage begins with the mid-1980's
Not each title will always have every data element, as the information and coverage will depend on the title selected.

Some examples are:
Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich
Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five (Spanish).
Babe Didrikson Zaharias: the Making of a Champion

When the title displays, you will usually see a small book cover image, and another graphic that states --  More about this title?  There may not always be additional information available through this service.

After viewing the selected data, the best way to return to the additional link options is to use the BACK button included in the data frame.  When finished viewing the optional data for a title, use the RETURN TO CATALOG button to return to the library catalog.